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We have established this website to distribute information to other concerned residents of El Lago. 


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We will hold every elected official accountable to the people of El Lago.


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We will present the facts without editorial comment. You can decide for yourself your opinion on the matter. We have summarized the issues in the important issues. If you would like to see the raw data that we used to make up the make fact sheets you can download the pdf's below.

2019 Impoortant Information

Do you think your rights to free speech have been restricted in El Lago by Councilman Tave (editor of the La Ventana) or Candidate Richey (reporter for the La Ventana)?

Do citizens have the right to freely question a councilman or candidate without reprisal (posts removed from Social Media, including the La Ventana 501c3 Facebook account; accounts disabled/blocked from La Ventana Facebook or Nextdoor (where Councilman Tave is a Lead)?

We want to hear your story.

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2018 Important Information

Important Questions

Why is the Mayor so keen to get Nylin and Kelly elected?

 best to ask Nylin and Kelly that one, but here's what we do know - Nylin was fishing with the Mayor in Alaska on the Mayor's private plane during the Harvey, and Kelly has also flown on the Mayors private plane.  Do you think they'll vote in your best interest of the city?  Kelly and Nylin were for Pasadena Fire Department 

Why is the Mayor spending so much on legal fees?

The Mayor spent $8000 lining up the Pasadena Fire Department contract, but now he says that we're staying with Seabrook thanks to the public outcry (That he claims were Mr. Clark's misinformation campaign - Nice try Mayor) - is that $8000 money well spent?  He also filed a Public Information Act against WCID 50 that racked up legal fees - rather than just meet with them.

Did the Mayor convince Nextdoor to change its policies?

Better ask the Mayor on this one - but he is so concerned about Nextdoor he spent your money ($461) on a politically motivated letter promoting his Nextdoor survey - has anyone seen the results yet?  See the ethics filing factsheet

Why does the Mayor want to take over the water district?

  It's becoming a pattern - those that disagree with the Mayor are dealt with harshly.  Vindictive behavior, we saw it with Seabrook VFD - the Mayor wanted to switch to Pasadena when the Mayor of Seabrook supposedly threatened to raise the rates - which he hasn't done.  The water district - the Nextdoor Survey about taking over the WCID came out shortly after the WCID letter which set the story straight about who really was responsible about the bulkhead removal

Why does the Mayor want to terminate SVFD?

The Mayor claims that the Mayor of Seabrook threatened to raise the rates... Funny though, because in last year's survey conducted by Councilman Briggs - it showed that the citizens of El Lago were very happy with Seabrook, and it was the only item that scored high in performance and priority.  Even if it cost a little more, I don't think there would be much concern, our citizens want good service.  Did Mayor Briggs even read his own survey results???

Why are things so divisive in our idyllic small town?

The only common denominator is Mark Briggs. When he was on council he screamed about financial impropriety, The audit was returned clean. In the very short year that he has been Mayor he has attempted to change our fire department, change our water district and has countless ethics violations filed with the State.  

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